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It is important to step up to the forefront when important issues problems arise in our world.  Whether it be by people, companies, or governments, it is essential to acknowledge and combat problems before they get out of control.  The most obvious current example of this in our world is step to the forefront in the fight against climate change.  There are many who have stepped up to this challenge.

Some people are synonymous with this issue.  Al Gore is one that obviously comes to mind.  But there are others as well.  Jeffrey Lurie, the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles football franchise is converting their teams’ stadium, Lincoln Financial Field, is in the process of converting their entire stadium to wind and solar energy.  Can you imagine a giant, state of the art football stadium with huge screens and massive energy needs will be running off the grid?  Think about that carbon footprint.

The state of California is also stepping up to the plate.  Along with federal government, California is offering the opportunity for residents to switch their homes and businesses to solar technologies.  Through amazing tax rebates, vouchers, and discounts, switching to solar is now not only affordable but profitable, as well.  It is great to see that these government bodies are recognizing the problem of climate change and going after it head on.

Companies like Verengo Solar are working hand-in-hand with these great programs to bring solar energy to you.  Through contractors like Palmdale Solar Energy Systems, Verengo is installing residential solar energy on the roofs of homes all over the state of California.  You can have a system installed in your home for no money down.  All it takes is a low monthly payment for you to step up and take on climate change yourself.

Verengo Solar will send out experts who know what it will take to fuel your life.  If you got an electric car, you could eliminate all of your energy costs.  Not only will you be saving your planet, but you’ll also be saving more money than you can count.

By harnessing the power of The Sun through solar power technology, Verengo is helping residents to completely eliminate their utility costs.  Instead of paying outrageous power bills, you’ll just have one low monthly payment for your solar service.  Stop paying at the pump, stop paying at your mailbox.  Now is the time to fight climate change from the seat of your couch and call Verengo today.