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The rising cost of living in today’s economy has consumers everywhere looking for a way to save money.  With the price of electricity rising all the time, many are seeking alternatives to these power sources for their homes.  One of the most cost effective power solutions available is solar power.

Solar power not only will help customers significantly lower their energy bill, but also will greatly reduce the carbon footprint that is left behind.  Wallet friendly and earth friendly sounds good right?

Perhaps the biggest solar advantage is the savings that a customer will start to see on their electric bill, right away.  Many customers can save hundreds of dollars a month, slashing their electricity bills from astronomical to very affordable, allowing the customer to breath a huge sigh of relief.

For those struggling financially, solar energy can be a godsend.  Verengosolar has listened to the demands of clients and come up with a no money down plan for your solar installation.  For no upfront costs, the customer can all ready start to dig themselves out from stifling electric bills and begin to save money immediately.  With the help of Sunrun and other partners, Verengo is dedicated to helping the customers by passing on affordable solar financing options.  Combine these solar financing options with the numerous tax incentives in place in New York State, including one that allows the customer to sell back up to 60 percent of the customer’s unused power, and the decision to go solar power is risk free.

Not only is Verengo committed to the idea of providing the customer with affordable solar power and saving their customers money over traditional electric bills, Verengo Solar is committed to providing excellent customer service, every step of the way.  From helping the customer choose from the top of the line panels and inverters offered by industry leading American based companies such as Suntech and others to navigating through the paper work and being prompt and detail oriented on installation day, Verengo makes the whole process totally hassle free and easy to deal with for their customers.  They deal with any legal paper work necessary to get the installation complete so there is nothing for the customer to do except sit back and wait for the savings to start rolling in.

Additionally, the staff at Verengo Solar is very knowledgeable regarding the tax incentives put in place by New York State.  Verengo’s knowledge of the tax breaks and incentives save their customers even more money make it easy to save money with no hassle by switching to solar power.  The helpful staff walks their customers through every step of the way, ensuring maximum savings to the consumer as well as the highest quality of installation and attention to every detail on the day of the installation.

When looking for a way to cut household costs, going solar power just makes sense.  There are so many ways to save money on energy bills with solar energy including numerous tax incentives and breaks put into place by New York State.  Verengo Solar’s knowledgeable staff ensures the costumer gets full advantage of all the savings and makes it their personal mission to slash their customer’s energy bills by thousands of dollars for little or no money down.

Going green makes sense, especially when it leaves the customer with more green in his or her wallet than traditional energy costs would.  The people at Verengo ensure the best in green energy and it comes with the huge advantage of saving customers some serious green in the process of making the switch to solar.