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Throughout New York and all across the country savvy, eco-friendly homeowners are improving their lives and the lives of others by switching over to clean solar energy at home.  These days, most people are aware that they are paying far too much for fuel, and that the fuel they are paying for is destroying the planet.  However, many do not realize that they have legitimate options that can help them to escape these common problems.

Solar panels have come a long way since the unwieldy, expensive panels of the past.  Today’s modern photovoltaic systems are much more efficient and affordable, thanks to progression in solar technology and companies like Verengosolar who strive to help homeowners to be able to be able to make the switch with ease.  Many New York residents who take a few moments to sit down and do the math realize that they have the potential to save thousands of dollars in annual utility costs.

Fossil fuels have proven themselves to be a problematic source of energy that needs to be replaced.  It is not a secret that the greenhouse emissions that come from coal, gas, and oil are causing irreversible damage to the planet, not the least of which is global warming.  Although some of the damage can never be undone, there is still time to realize our mistakes and correct them.  It is not fair to leave this planet in poor condition for innocent generations to come.  It is up to all of us to start implementing green technology whenever possible and that starts at home.

Because of the environmental benefits that clean solar power provide, there are numerous federal and local government incentives that are designed to make switching over to solar not just affordable, but also profitable.  For starters, there are cash back rebates, tax credits, grants, and loans that can reduce the equipment costs by as much as 60%.  New York also has some exceptional performance-based incentives that can actually provide extra income for the household.

Many households are directly in the line of sunlight, making them extremely efficient.  In many cases, this means that there is a surplus of power being created that the home does not even need.  Instead of wasting that power or taking it from you, the state of New York allows you to actually sell that power back to the utility company.  Until your equipment is paid off, this can be a great way to cover the monthly costs.  After you have paid for everything, it is just money right in your pocket.

The cost of fuel is rising fast.  Many homeowners come to the obvious conclusion that going solar makes sense because they evaluate their budget and add up how much money they spend every month, year, and decade on electricity costs.  Even if the prices remained exactly where they are right now, the amount of wasted money is staggering.  Solar panels drastically reduce those bills, and in many cases even get rid of them entirely.  Think about how much money that is that is not being spent.

Of course, every single household is completely different.  Some get an abundance of sunlight, others may not be ideal for solar power.  Talk to a qualified Verengo solar specialist about your specific goals, and they will be able to evaluate your home for free.  There is certainly no harm in finding out if you could be saving money.  Even if you have never considered New York residential solar power in the past, now is a very opportune time to at least look into it.  Many homeowners are quite surprised when they learn about how much they could be saving.