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As the title suggests solar power is here to stay. A leading company within the solar industry, verengo has made going solar easy and affordable. They were among the first solar companies to introduce zero down solar. This leasing option is ideal for homes that do not have the cash outlay to buy a home solar panel system. Electric bills fueled by rising fossil fuels costs have made solar energy more popular than ever. While electric rates are rising, solar panels costs have been coming down since 1998.

We have had solar powered calculators for years now. Many people now own solar powered cell phone chargers. How about the world’s first solar powered laptop? According to Discovery News, industrial designer Andrea Ponti has designed a laptop entirely powered by solar power. The laptop uses 2 solar panels and can provide a non-stop charge all day. The laptop is sleek looking and weighs about 4 pounds. It is expected the laptop will host a battery for evening computing. Fujitsu has taken notice of this exciting solar invention.

Another innovative solar product is the solar backpack produced by Voltaic. Students can carry all their books to school and charge all their electronic gadgets such as phones, eBook readers and IPods. The bag hosts 3 solar panels and can capture a day’s worth of charging in only an hour. The way it works is the solar panels charge the attached 60 watt battery, which then charges the devices. In addition, the product is water proof

These devices were mentioned to prove that solar is here to stay and has become main-stream power. The solar market is flooded with solar panels. This means consumers can now install solar panels on their homes at the lowest price ever. This over-saturation of solar panels is likely to continue. In addition, the economy is slowly improving. High electric bills, low solar panel costs, and an improving economy point to more people going solar.

Electric bills are projected to keep rising and fossil fuels are in finite supply. Yet solar offers residents the promise of clean, low cost, and renewable power. Some electric companies are now building solar arrays to supplement their fossil driven energy production. The grid must change if they hope to survive in the future. Many solar homes use the electric company to provide only night power. As more homes convert to solar electric companies are selling less electricity.

Homes that install solar panels have found they have saved hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in future electric bills. While the majority of solar homes do supplement their power from the grid, the resulting electric bill is merely a fraction of their old one. Yet, even though solar panels have come down in price, some still cannot afford to buy solar equipment. This is where leasing comes in. You can forgo the large cash outlay when you lease solar panels, and you save a significant amount of money in electric bills.

With all the incredible solar devices that are here and will be entering the market soon it is easy to see that solar has become main-stream power. Electric bills are rising, yet solar has been coming down in price for many years now. Solar is here to stay.