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There is a lot to love about Southern California, like sunny weather, cool cars, and of course the Dodgers. This is also where the alternative energy movement was born, and it continues to thrive despite high energy costs. Electric bills are sky high in Sothern California and this why many are seeking the financial relief of zero down Southern California solar panels. In addition, many are flocking to solar energy as a way to reduce their carbon footprint.

Verengo has been helping average folks get off the high cost grid for years, and they can help you too. They only use the most advanced solar panels so that you save the most money. In addition, solar panels are virtually maintenance free and as already mentioned you can now go solar with zero money down. Leasing has allowed many people to reduce their electric bills by thousands of dollars. As a result you only pay a grid bill of a few dollars and a tiny monthly lease fee.

Other homes do prefer to buy their solar equipment. This method of going solar entitles you to powerful federal government and California tax incentives. These tax breaks are designed to encourage people to stop depending on fossil fuels that the grid continues to use. Fossil fuels release greenhouse gasses when they are burned and are increasingly becoming more costly. As a result it is probable that electric bills will only go up more. Solar is the only feasible way to save thousands in electric bills.

Another benefit to owning your own solar panels in California is that all California residents who buy and install solar equipment increase the worth of their homes, without paying more in property taxes. This is a generous benefit worth taking if you are able to purchase your solar panels. Plus, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have contributed to the green energy movement which was started in California. Every home that installs solar, whether leased or bought lowers the carbon footprint and this benefits all of us.

In the end, Southern California Solar is lowering and even eliminating high electric bills with no down payment solar panels. The grid is still using dirty and expensive fossil fuels to produce power. Solar, on the other hand uses clean sunlight and converts it into useable electrical power. Once you realize how many solar benefits there are you’ll wonder why you waited so long to switch.