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The most often girl complaints about boy is that boy don’t listen to them when they are talking. Normally a boyfriend will completely ignores partner boyfriendswhen she speaks to him or he only listens for a few words and then simply decide a solution for her problem.

Later on, he confused because his girlfriend doesn’t seem to appreciate this gesture of love. No matter how many times girlfriend tells her boyfriend that he’s not listening, he still doesn’t get it and keeps repeat the same mistake over and over again. In fact, she actually wants is her boyfriend to understand her feeling and emotional, but he thinks she wants solutions for her problem.

Despite that, boyfriend seem to complaint about girlfriend are always trying to change them especially their appearance, attitude and mindset. Well this completely normally because when girls fall in loves a boy, she will feel responsible to help him improvement such as the way he does things and think. In fact, girls have this ferespect girleling of home-improvement personality, and they begin with their love one. No matter how much boy rejected her opinion and advice of improvement, she persists and won’t easy give up.

Thus, girlfriends will wait for chance to contribute to her boyfriend by info him what need to do. She thinks this is one of the ways to encourage her boyfriend, instead her boyfriend’s feels that he’s being controlled by her.

Well there sure have solution for each problem occurs and these two problems sure included as well. To solve this problem, first of all we must understand why boy offer solutions to girl and why girl seek to improve from boy. In other words, by understand the ways each of gender think we can easy pervert this problem and to do that we go insights into men and women mindset.