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girl feelingCompare to boy, girl totally have different mindset and perspective about particular stuff. This is because they are the type that more emphasis on love, communication, appearance, and relationships. Due to fact that, they are the type will spending a lot of their time contributing, helping, and encouraging one another. Their more identify through their feelings and the quality of their relationships with other. Most of the girl objective is to share their information and talking regarding other party.

Everything on girl reflects these personality and different than boy that more to building highways and tall buildings. Almost all girls are more emphasis with other living thing, community, and relationship between their partners. In their mind, relationships are more important than career and sport. In most ways their mindset and the way that look at things are totally the opposite from boys.

feelingThey normally do not wear uniforms like most of boy did. Despite that, they enjoy wearing a different outfit every day according to their emotional and to impress people around them. Personal emotion, especially their feelings, is very important and it can influence what they decide to wear even they change outfits few times a day as their feeling changes.

Communication is of primary importance to them because it allow girl to share their personal feelings to other. Talking and chatting topic that is related to one another is one of the attitude, objective and achievement for girl.

This is hardly for a boy to understand girl. In order to become more understanding on girl attitude of sharing information, boy must comparing it to the satisfaction feeling when he wins a sports or relationships achieves his goal. Instead of being objective oriented, girls are more to relationship oriented because they are more concerned with showing their attitude love, and concern. For examples, three boys go to high class restaurant to discuss a project and they have a problem to solve. In addition, these boys view going to a restaurant as an efficient way to approach food and easy for them to solve the problem instead of shopping, cooking, and washing dishes. For girl, going to dinner is a chance to build relationship, for both giving opinion and receiving opinion from a friend. Girl’s talk can be very open mind and can be private, such like conversation between doctor and patient.

For girls, they are very involved in person development, religious, and everything that can encourage life, girl relationship0 healing, and growth. Generally, girls are judging thing base their very intuitive that developed through experience of anticipating the needs of others. They claim themselves in being carefully thinking of the other people needs and feelings .Beside that, girl usually have great will in providing help and assistance to another girl without being asked. This is because girls think that by helping people is very important to maintain the relationship and at the same time they think it will no offensive, and needing help is show sign of weakness. A boy, however is different story because they  may feel offended because when a girl offers help, they doesn’t feel she trusts his capability to do by himself.

A girl has no planning of this boyfriend sensitivity because for her offering help to someone makes her feel loved and protected. However girl normally didn’t realize that offering help to some of the boys can make them felt incompetent, weak, and even embarrassing.

Girls that are giving a care, advice and help, believes that when something that is working, it can always have a chance to work much better. It is their nature and insight they mind that wants to improve things and care about their boyfriend. They will freely point out what can her boyfriends can be improved and advice how to do it and at the same time it constructive criticism for other.

In term of boy, the ways they look at thing are very different. This is because they are more to solution oriented kind. For example, if car engine is working fine, their motto is don’t change it and use it until something goes a little bit wrong. Their instinct and the life experience told them to leave it alone if it is working fine. “Don’t change it unless it is can’t being use” is a common words that come from boy. When a girlfriend tries to improve a her boyfriend, he felts that she is trying to control him and indirectly think that he is broken. However his girlfriend doesn’t realize that her kindness attempts to help is turn out to him.