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Boy and girl generally are unrealized that they have different in term of asking questionemotional requirement. That why some of them didn’t know how to support each other. For instance boy, they are typically given in relationships what boy want and girl also give what their want. Each of them mistaken by assumes that the other had the mindset and requirements as there are. This will end up both of them dissatisfied and resentful.

Both men and women think that they give and give but do not get back. They feel their love is unacknowledged and unacceptable. Well, they are both of them actually giving love but none of them are giving in the desired manner.

Let say a girlfriend thinks that her boyfriend didn’t love her enough and she asks a lot of questions measure the degree she being love. Well, when you asking boy like that, he may feel attentionannoying and he may start to feel controlled by his girlfriend and want some space for himself. Then she end up being confused, because she supports that given by her not be appreciative. She thinks that efforts of her love are ignored and at worst annoying by her boyfriend. Similarly, boy think they are love, but the way they show their love may make a girl feel invalidated and untreated.

Furthermore, when a girl feels stress about her job environment, her boyfriend might thinks supporting her by making advice that reduce the degree of her problems. He may say “Don’t worry so much, it’s not such a big deal anywhere.” Some of the boy may completely disregard intentionally because he assume that he is giving her space and time to cool off . What he thinks is support makes however it makes negative impression because her feel unimportant, unloved, and unexpected.

The twelve kinds of love That Requirement

Most of boys and girls complicated feeling needs can be summarized as the love requirement. Boy and girl each have six unique love requirements which are all equally important. Boy mostly concern about love that be believe, acceptance, recognition, admiration, approval, girl carinand motivation. For girls, they are more to love that require attention, understanding, respect, loyalty, validation, and safety. These enormous tasks are some of requirement that what our partner needs. By reviewing this list you able to understand why your partner may not feel loved or comforted. Generally, these twelve kinds of love can provide you a guideline to improve your relationships with the opposite sex when you don’t know what else to do.

Love that required by girl

  • Attention
  • Understanding
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Validation
  • Reassurance

Love that required by boy

  • Believe
  • Acceptance
  • Appreciation
  • Admiration
  • Approval
  • Motivation