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Certainly every boy and girl ultimately has all these twelve kinds of love requirement. For your information, the six kinds of love primarily required by girl also sometime imply to boy requirements. In other words, sometime boy also require attention, understanding, respect, loyalty, validation, and reassurance in their love. However most of these require apply to girl but it have some possibility apply to boy. Besides that, ‘What is meant by “primary requirement”? Well, some people say that it is basic requirement that need fulfilled before one of the party in relationship able fully to receive and appreciate the other kinds of love.

A boy becomes fully receptive to or appreciative after his own primary requirement is fulfilled. In other words, a boy will become giving after his own love requirement such approval are received from his partner.  This concept apply to girl as well, before she can truly value appreciate these kinds of love, she must first of all achieve her primary requirement.

In order to improve your relationship, understanding each other primary requirement are extremely important and it make determine whether your relationship will last long or not.

Remember that, a girl easy to give what she required and forget that her boyfriend may need something else. However boy tends to focus on their required and didn’t realize that the fact that the kind of love they need is not always appropriate for her girlfriend.

The most powerful and practical aspect of this of love requirement is that these different kinds of love are “given in return”. For example, when a boy gives his attention and loyalty, he girlfriend automatically begins to reciprocate and in return to him, she will give believe and acceptance that he primarily required. The same thing apply to a girl, she give her believe to her boyfriend, then in return he automatically will begin to reciprocate with the attention she needs.

In the following six sections we will look into detail of the twelve kinds of love in practical terms and reveal their reciprocal phenomena.

She Require Attention and He Require Believe

When a boy is expressing interest in a girl’s feelings and heart-felt concern forgirl openher safety, then this automatically generate feels attention and cared for her. Then when he makes her feel that he care for her and pay a lot attention, he already succeeds in fulfilling her first primary requirement. Generally she begins to believe him more in return. When she believes, this mean she becomes more open and receptive.

When a girl’s attitude is open and receptive toward a boy, he is already being acceptance and have high possibility to proceed to next stage of relationship. To trust and believe on what he is doing is what he wants the best and what best for his partner. When a girl’s reactions in a positive direction regarding her boy’s abilities and intentions, his first primary love need is achieved. Automatically he is will pay attention to her feelings and needs.

She Require Understanding and He Require Acceptance

acceptanceWhen a boy listens without consideration but with empathy and relatedness to a girl that show her feelings, she will feels heard and understood. An understanding attitude from boy doesn’t presume to already know a person’s mind; instead, it gathers meaning from what is heard, and moves toward validating what is being communicated. The more a girl’s require to be listen and understood is fulfilled, the easier it is for her to give him the acceptance he require.

When a girl lovingly receives a boy without trying to change him, he feels accepted. An accepting attitude does not reject but affirms that he is being favorably received. It does not mean the girl believes he is perfect but indicates that she is not trying to improve him, that she believe in that he capable to improves. When a boy feels accepted it is much easier for him to listen and give her the understanding she require.