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It is very easy to find out that you like someone, but how can you find out if that someone likes you back too? Is there something that can help you judge whether he is into you or not? If there are, what are these signs and how can they be spotted?

The task of finding whether a guy likes you or not, is rather difficult. There is no perfect formula to find out whether the guy you like; likes you or not. But, there are certain signs which can help you finding out whether a guy is totally into you and is moving towards you or not. Some of these signs are described in this article.

Actions speak louder than words

Interest is the number one sign that can help you find out whether the guy is into you or not. If a guy is taking time and using ways to find out and know more about you, then he probably is interested in you. You can find out whether a guy is into you or not by looking at the amount of interest he shows into you.

If he takes out time to be with you, tries to share his feeling with you or tries to help you in times of need, then he probably likes you. Another thing is that if he is spending time to know more about you, hang out with you or go out with you and your friends, then he is probably looking for ways to be with you.

Words are important too

Another thing that can help you decide whether he is into you or not are his words. Most of his actions may tell you about how much interest he has in you, but the real gauge of his interest level in you are his words.

He likes you if he talks about you among his family members, friends, co-workers and even acquaintances. Apart from this another sign is that he talks sweetly with you and tries to lean in towards you while speaking. Also is he is into you, he would look for ways to make you laugh and keep a smile on your face all the time.


Though, it is not possible to tall what a guy is thinking, his actions and his words convey all his thoughts. The way a guy expresses his thoughts to you can show you how much interest he has in you. If he tries to befriend you, takes time to do your chores, offers to walk you from one place to another, then he is probably very deeply associated with you and loves you.

These are some of the signs that can help you find out whether a guy is rally into you or not and whether or not you can have a long, healthy and productive relationship with him.