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The following contains different kind of information that act as guideline what couple talk01boy should respond when girl do the talk. Each of the ten complaints boyfriend listed is to describe how suppose boy can understand their real and intended meaning when talking to girl. Plus each of the description contains guideline on how she wants her to respond.

When a girl is sad, she not only uses generalities but she also requires support. She doesn’t directly ask for that support from boy because she wants her boyfriend to indirectly realize her requirement instead of tell him. If a boy listening to his girlfriend carefully, then he able to get the mean then responds accordingly, she will feel truly heard and loved.

The Girls / Boys Actual Meaning

We never go out” from boy opinion it mean that “I feel like going out and doing something together. We always have such a fun time, and I love being with you. What do you think? Would you take me out to dinner? It has been a few days since we went out.” Normally, when a girl like, many boy may misunderstand by “You are not doing your job. What a disappointment of you. We never do anything together because you are lazy and unromantic.”

Everyone fail to notice me” from boy opinion it means that “I am feeling ignored today because I feel like nobody see about me. Maybe some of them see me, but they don’t seem to care about me and I also disappointed that you have been so busy with your work. I know you are working hard and sometimes I feel like your work is more important than me. However many of boy may think “I am so upset because I can’t get the attention and everything seem hopeless. You are the one who love me and yet you don’t notice me, and. You should be ashamed and so unlovely. ”

“I am so sleepy, I can’t do anything” from boy opinion it means that “I have been doing so much today and now really need a rest before I continue to do my stuffs. I appreciate you are here to support me. Would you give me a kiss to reassure me that I am doing a good job?” Without this description, when a girl says “I am so tired, I can’t do anything” a boy may think that “I do everything and you do nothing. For now you should do everything because I already felt so hopeless. I want a ‘real man’ that supports me.

“I want to forget everything” from boy opinion it means that “I want to let you know that I care for my work and my life but today I am so tired. I would love to do something really encourage for myself. Would you ask me ‘What’s the matter?’ and then listen with story? I just want you to understand the stress that I currently felt now. This will make me feel so much better and relax.” Many of boys misunderstand, when a girl says like that because they think “I have to do so much that I don’t want to do it anymore. I am so upset with you and our relationship because you are such a boring boy. For now onward,  I want someone who can make my life more interesting and fun.”

couple disucc“This house is always a mess” boy actually think it means  “Today I feel like comfortable, but the house is so messy. I am frustrated because currently I need a place for rest and you don’t expect me to clean it all up. In additional, would you please volunteer clean up the mess or clean up part of it only?” In the end boy may think that girl meaning is “This house is a mess all because of you. And only depend on me to do clean it up, plus before I have finished, you have messed it up again. You are a lazy and I don’t want be with you anymore. ”

“No one listens to me anymore” actually it means to boy that “I am afraid that I become boring with you.  I seem to be very sensitive with you today. Can you pay more attention to me? I would appreciate it. Furthermore, I being through a lot and feel no one wants to hear my story.” Most of boy might think that her mean that “I give you my love but in the end you don’t even listen to me just like you used to. Are you become bored with me or should I start to find someone exciting and interesting? You are such as disappointed to me because you are selfish, uncaring, and bad.”

“Nothing is working today” mean to the boys is that “Today I am so tired and I am thankful that I can share my story with you so that I will feel much better. Today it seems like nothing works out and I know that I sure can find solution for all these problems.” Despite that most of the boy might think that when girl say this she may be mean “You never do anything right for me and I can’t trust you anymore. If I hadn’t cared for you I wouldn’t end up with this mess. Other boys are able to solve a lot kind of problems but why you can’t and only them worse.”

couple talk 03“You don’t love me anymore” mean to the boys is that “Today I am feeling that you don’t love me. Now I am very afraid that I have pushed you away. I know you really do love me and you do so much for me. However, today I am not feeling confident with you. Would you reassure me that I still love you and tell me that you still love me very much?” However when girl say that boy started to think that she might thinking “I have given you a lot of my precious feeling, and you didn’t any feedback. You are so selfish and cold person and you do not care about anybody but yourself. I was a stupid for loving you. So now is the time to say goodbye to you.”

“I want more romance” mean to the boys is that “Sweetheart, you have been busy lately and didn’t have much time to spend with me. Let’s take some time out for ourselves and I love it when we can relax and be alone without any job pressures. You are so romantic and I love being romanced.” Many of boys might think that she mean “You don’t satisfy me anymore and now I am not turned on to you anymore. Your romantic skills are definitely reduced or apply for the person that you love. You have never really love me and I wish you were more like other boy I have been with.”

After read all this description on what the girl really mean, a boy doesn’t need feels blamed or criticized. He should begin to understand the way women think and feel and learns all these kinds of dramatic meaning. This is because most of the girls express her feeling fully.