Relationships Maintenance

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Do you want to find out how to woo a man with your words? Do you have no idea about what men like to hear from women? Do you think that starting a conversation with a man is quite difficult? Do you want to find out how to say what your man wants to hear? Well, if yes then read on. Read …

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Have you ever thought why you married the guy you are currently married to? What are the reasons that made you think that life with him would be joyful and happy? Are you thinking of ways to rekindle the love in your married life? In all relationships, there are both good and bad time and happiness depends on the way you handle each and every situation. Read …

Why Couples Can Get Into Fight During Good Times 5.00/5 (100.00%) 6 votes

Our unresolved feelings suddenly come out not just when we fall in love but couple angeractually at the times when we are feeling really happy, and loved. At these positive times, couples may accidentally get into fight when it seems they will are in happy mood.

Most properly it happen when couple experience new things that generate happiness such as when they move into a new home, renovation, attend a graduation, celebrating a birthday, receive presents, go on a vacation, finish a assignment, going out to watch new movie, buy a new car, proposal for marriage with partner, make a lot of money, get a promotion, decide to spend a lot of funds, or making a lot of money. Read …

Keeping Love Relationships Alive 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes

When come to love relationships, there will be a situation when things are being lovegoing well and then we are feeling loved, we may suddenly find ourselves indirectly keep a distance with our partners or felt your feeling of love to your partner reduced. The following are some of examples that common happen in relationships:

  1. You feel a lot of love for your partner however the next morning, you wake up and are suddenly you feel like annoyed and resentful of him or her.
  2. You are kind of person that loving, patient, and accepting however the next day, you suddenly become demanding or dissatisfied.
  3. You can’t imagine how to survive without your partner however the next day, you have an argument or misunderstanding and suddenly begin to think about divorce with her.
  4. Your partner express he or she loves for you however you feel lik Read …