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When come to love relationships, there will be a situation when things are being lovegoing well and then we are feeling loved, we may suddenly find ourselves indirectly keep a distance with our partners or felt your feeling of love to your partner reduced. The following are some of examples that common happen in relationships:

  1. You feel a lot of love for your partner however the next morning, you wake up and are suddenly you feel like annoyed and resentful of him or her.
  2. You are kind of person that loving, patient, and accepting however the next day, you suddenly become demanding or dissatisfied.
  3. You can’t imagine how to survive without your partner however the next day, you have an argument or misunderstanding and suddenly begin to think about divorce with her.
  4. Your partner express he or she loves for you however you feel like indignation in the past when he or she ignored you.
  5. Normally, you are interested to your partner however suddenly you feel annoyed in his or her presence.
  6. You are excited with your partner however suddenly feel not confident about the relationship or powerless to get gving giftwhat you require.
  7. You feel confident and know that your partner loves you very much however suddenly you feel desperate and insecure.
  8. You are generous with your love however suddenly you become withholding, judgmental, critical, angry, or controlling.
  9. You are attracted to your partner however when he or she makes a commitment you lose your attraction or you find others more attractive.
  10. You want to have sex with your partner however when your partner wants it, you don’t want it.
  11. Generally, you feel good about yourself however suddenly you begin feeling unworthy, abandoned, and insufficient.
  12. You are look forward to seeing your partner however when your partner and something that your partner says makes you feel disappointed, sad, repulsive or emotionally distant.

This all common things happen in love relationships and maybe you have noticed that your partner going through the same things as you did. Take a couple of minutes to reread again above situation and think about how your partner loses his or her ability to give you the love you requirements. Probably you have experienced all these. Furthermore, it normal for two people different gender that is madly in love then suddenly hate each other or fight in the next day.

These sudden changes shifts are confusing and common situation that happen between couple. If we don’t know the reason why they happen we may not think a ways to stop or solve it and we also may mistakenly think that our love has died. Fortunately there still have explanation for all these things and solve for it.

When come for love, it brings up our unresolved and undetermined feelings. One day we felt in love, and the next day we are unexpectedly afraid to trust our love. When we are facing with trust and accepting our partner’s love, we normally feel pain and afraid that our partner rejected us.unresolsed

Whenever that you are in love or being loved by others, try to repress this feeling to come up and temporarily try our best to express our love awareness. This afraid and unresolved feeling come up to be healed and released and it cause we to become irritable, defensive, critical, resentful, demanding, numb, or angry.

Feelings that are could not express by us in our past come out when we are safe to feel. Love that we had in our relationships repressed this feeling, and gradually these unresolved feelings overflow into our relationship.

Actually your unresolved feelings is compressed it inside our heart but when you are feeling loved it started to come out slowly. Every one of us is bundle with these unresolved feelings such as the pain memories from our past, which lie deep sleep inside our heart until the time that we feel loved. Then, when we feel safe to be ourselves, our pain feelings suddenly come back to us.

When we successfully overcome those feelings, then we will feel much better and cheerful more of our creative and loving capability. If, we fall to overcome those feeling then we will end up into a fight and blame our partner instead of healing our past pain memories, we will continually get upset and then try to suppress the feelings again.