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Do you want to find out how to woo a man with your words? Do you have no idea about what men like to hear from women? Do you think that starting a conversation with a man is quite difficult? Do you want to find out how to say what your man wants to hear? Well, if yes then read on.

It is a commonly known fact that men and women are quite different from one another, yet they seem complement each other in a unique manner. As a partner, you ought to know what your man loves to hear and you need to understand that sometimes words can help you sort things out with your loved one. Here are some of things which every man would love to hear from his partner.

Praise Him:

Always try to praise your man for something that he has done for you. For example, if he lifts something for you that you are not able to life, then complement him that he has strong biceps. Doing so would make him happy and make him feel that you care for him. Most of the people believe that women love to be complemented. But as a matter of fact, women are accustomed to getting complements and that is the reason why men respond more positively to complements than women. So always praise and complement your man.

Tell him that you need him:

Men love women who are independent, yet at the same time they want that their partners should rely on them for something or the other. Men do not want women who come asking for help for things which they can themselves do very easily but they would surely like you asking help for doing something rather difficult. Telling your partner that you need him would make him feel that he has the ability to contribute something and that he is doing his job of taking care of you.

Tell rather than ask:

Men get frustrated very easily when too many questions are posed in front of them. This means that you should not ask him too many questions. Saying something in a form that does not appear to be a question would make him understand that thing without getting frustrated.

A man would always take care of any concerns you have but he would never tolerate you asking him too many questions. So always remember to put across what you want from him in a straight manner rather than asking questions.

These are some of the things which every man wants to hear from his partner. If you are able to follow and understand all these and change yourself a little bit, there is no force that can separate you from your man. And all this would culminate into a long, healthy and a happy relationship.