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Do you want to know whether the guy you like, likes you or not? Do you want to assured that your loved one really loves you and is really serious about his relationship with you? Are you concerned that you may not be giving your best to your relationship as you are skeptical regarding whether your partner really loves you or not?

Well, if these are some questions which keep popping in your head again and again, here are some signs that can help you find out whether your man really likes you or not.

He is always trying to help you:

If a guy tries helping you out again and again and goes out of the way to ensure that you are not in trouble then there is a possibility that the guy likes you. If you happen to be dating a guy that is helpful to you all the time, then it means that he really likes you and sees a future relationship building with you.

He likes to introduce you to his friends:

Most of the guys would not introduce you to their friends if they think that you are not worth their time. If a guy introduces you to his friends then it probably means that you matter to him and he wants to have a long lasting and healthy relationship with you. He wants you to meet his friends because he knows that there would times when you and his friends would have to spend some time together.

He treats you differently:

This is one of the most important clues that can help you find out whether the guy you like; likes you or not. But there is a problem; this clue takes time to be seen. This means that you need to be really observant to find out whether a guy is treating you differently from other girls. But once you come to know that he is treating you in a special way, you can be assured that he likes you a lot.

He finds excuses to talk to you:

If a guy likes you he would look for excuses to talk to you and spend time with you. Even if you refuse to go out with him on a date, he would ask to take you out again and again. A guy who really does not like you would not care about how you feel and would not find ways to talk to you if you happen to say no to him.

These are some sure shot signs which can be used to find out whether a guy likes you or whether he is just pretending to like you and is just looking for the right moment to dump you.