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After the boy fell in love, he quickly takes actioboy in loven on how to get the girl attention. The main objective is to send the feeling of love from boy to girls. At this point, they started to care about the girls as much as themselves for examples where they normally having lunch, what time they will go back or what kind of favorite color or food their prefer.

The appearance and attitude of girls were a mysterious attraction to the boys. Their differences from boy are main key point that attracted the boys. If the boys were hard, then the girls were soft. If the boys were angular, then the girls were round. If the Boys were cool, then the girls were warm. In other words, their differences seemed to make them complement to each other.

In term of language the girls communicated direct and clear: “We need you power and strength because it can bring us great achievement to us and filling a void deep within our being. Together we could live in obtain unlimited happiness.’ This kind of words encouraged and empowered the boys.

Almost all the girls understand how to convert this message and it all begin with a girls that gives a man a brief look that says you could be the one that made to be and with him she can obtain a great happiness. Generally she actually begin their relationship and encourages boy to come closer because it make the boy feel need it. The girl brief actually very powerful and allow boy to overcome his fears of having a relationship. However, once they started the relationship, it also started problem as well due to the fact that most of the girl doesn’t know how important that send message to him and neglects to send the boy and making them confused.

The boys were very motivated because he thinks that he can make a difference on girl life. Then boys were moving to a new level of stage. They were no longer feel satisfied by just prove themselves that he have feel for her and developing their power to show her. They wanted to use their power and skills in the service girls by giving a lot of stuffs such as impression, goods and also protection. This all begin when boys had developed a new philosophy so called a win-win philosophy. They want to create a world where girls care for them and pay more attention to them.

Love Motivates Boys

boy in love 02After boys fall in love, they will begin planning to take action to win over the girl’s heart. It make a boys feel so alive through glimpsing the girls and they were begin to have unselfish feelings for the first time in their life.

Similarly, when a boy is in love he is encouraged to be the best he can be in order to help his girlfriend. When boy fall in love, he have confident in himself that he is able to make major changes in the girl life.  The need that he need is opportunity and by given the opportunity to prove his potential and performance the best of himself. However, when boys felt that he cannot be success or don’t have a chance that he will retreat and back to his himself again.

Generally if a boy is in love, normally he begins to care about his partner that I felt in love with as much as him. He will felt more motivated and feel free to give anything such as feeling of caring, love or protection to his partner. He will assume that his partner problem as he problem include experience what his partner already experienced.

He can easily endure any difficulty only make her happy because anything that can make her happy, it also makes him happy as well. Sometime he struggles become easier in the relationships and also become energized with a higher purpose only to make her happy.

However, this all happening only in his youth that he can be satisfied by walk outserving himself alone, but as grow he matured, his self-pleasure is no longer as satisfying. In order to experience the achievement in winning over his partner, he encouraged by the feel of love from his partner. Although boy needs to receive love, his greatest need is still give love to his partner.

Most common mistakes that boys think is that they actually are not hunger to give love but are starve for it. Their biggest problem in the relationships is that they do not know what they are missing and if do know, they do not how and when to give. In their life, they saw their dad succeed in win over their mum’s heart through giving of love and as result they do not realize that a major source of fulfillment for a boy come through giving of love. In the end the relationships fail, then he finds himself dejected and frustrated over all the stuff that he did. He will stops caring or become least caring to his others and at the same time felt depressed.

In a particular relationship fail he will withdraws himself from relationships or intimacy and become least caring. Generally, he asks himself what all these for and in the end what I can get. He maybe didn’t realize that he has stopped caring because he felt that he didn’t needed anymore. However, most of the boys didn’t realize that by finding someone who needs him, he can start all over again and he encouraged again.

If a boy didn’t felt he succeed in making difference in his partner’s life, then it is difficult for him to continue carry on in his life and relationships. It is difficult to be encouraged when he feel not needed. In order become encouraged again, he only needs to feel valued, trusted, and accepted by his partner.