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Before the boys and girls getting marry, they actually had been quite happy marryand each got different entertainment and programs. However after getting married everything changed, boy and girl became dejected because they get to carry responsibility to take care of each other. In additional, this dejection is encourages them takes care and feels responsibility for each other.

By understanding the reasons of their changes, it will help us realizes how boy and girl are moving in different direction. With this understanding, you can actually support your partner when come to difficult and stressful time. For example, boys is feel deject due to feeling of loneliness that nobody care for them. Until one day he falls in love with girls that drop by. Due to this feeling of love boys are feel depression miraculously lifted.  Then, boys will to action and plan on how to win over the girl heart or at least obtain some attention from girls.

When the girls became dejected, they will start to communicate with one another to discuss about their problems. However it normally didn’t contribute much because the girls mainly require support from their boyfriends. However, due to the fact that most of boy are incapable of understanding girls, so a lot of problems girl had remain unsolved.

paasveGenerally, boys are encouraged and empowered when they feel themselves needed. However if  a boy does not feel any needed in a relationship between girlfriend, he will becomes passive and less caring. This is causing the boyfriend less give in the relationship with each day passing. Despite that, if he felts needed and trusted in the relationship, he will do his best to fulfill his girlfriend need and empowered to give more in the relationship.

For girls, they are motivated and empowered with the feeling of lovingly. When a girl does not feel any love in a relationship she will becomes compulsively responsible and tired in the relationship. Thus if she is feels her boyfriend is really care for and respect her, then she will contribute a lot in the relationship between her boyfriend..

When A Boy Loves A Girl

fall in loveNormally a boy falling in love with a girl is took place at the first impression when a boy and girl meet at their first date. When boy meet or talk to girls and felt his body lit on fire is one of the possibility sign that boy already fall in love. As he watched the girl for the first time in his life he began to care about her more other one else.

If a boy have this win or lose philosophy such as I want to win, and I don’t really care, it showing the sign that boy is compete over other one to win over the girl heart. The boy will become selfish and native when the felt in love and all the stuff that can get girl attention will put at first priority. No matter how much the educated or experienced the boy being, when come to love the possible to becoming stupid or blind is high. Being in love, they wanted the girl to pay 100% attention or as much as themselves.

Most of these boy attitudes have take in place, but this win or lose attitude some time becomes harmful in our very complicated relationships. For example, if I seek to fulfill my own personal needs at the expense of my girlfriend, we are sure have some possibility to experience sadness, resentment, and then end up with conflict. The secret to form a successful relationship is that both of the partners in relationship win.