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Have you ever thought why you married the guy you are currently married to? What are the reasons that made you think that life with him would be joyful and happy? Are you thinking of ways to rekindle the love in your married life? In all relationships, there are both good and bad time and happiness depends on the way you handle each and every situation. Read …

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She Require Respect and He Require Appreciationrespect her

In order to make her feel respected, boy needs to give girl the feeling of rights, wishes and needs that she required. Besides that, his behavior to takes into consideration of her thoughts and feelings, she also will feel respected as well. Gift and present that expressions of respect, like flowers and remembering anniversaries that meaningful to fulfill a girl’s  love requirement also one of the ways to make her feel respected and when she feels respected it is much easier for her to give her boy the appreciation that he deserves.

When a girl realizes that she received personal gifts and value from a boy’s efforts and behavior, he feels appreciated. This appreciation from girl actually expresses her support boy. When a boy is appreciated by girl, this mean his effort is not useless and is thus motivate him to give more. If a boy is appreciated he is indirectly empowered and encouraged to respect his partner even more.

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