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The rising cost of living in today’s economy has consumers everywhere looking for a way to save money.  With the price of electricity rising all the time, many are seeking alternatives to these power sources for their homes.  One of the most cost effective power solutions available is solar power.

Solar power not only will help customers significantly lower their energy bill, but also will greatly reduce the carbon footprint that is left behind.  Wallet friendly and earth friendly sounds good right?

Perhaps the biggest solar advantage is the savings that a customer will start to see on their electric bill, right away.  Many customers can save hundreds of dollars a month, slashing their electricity bills from astronomical to very affordable, allowing the customer to breath a huge sigh of relief. Read …

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Most people are aware of what solar power is.  To some, their experience is limited to small calculators that could be turned off after moments of covering the tiny panels.  Others have seen and used first-hand massive solar panels that power homes or businesses all over the world.  Regardless of what a person knows about solar power, there is no doubt that residential solar panel options are extremely exciting these days.

Solar power may not be a new concept, but it is certainly becoming more and more of a household name as concerned citizens seek out solutions to economic and environmental problems.  Everyone has heard of going green and switching to clean solar energy is one of the best ways to do so.  Right now the current environmental and economic climate is ideal for a solar revolution. Read …